Who Can Benefit?

The Rothman Index is universal - it can be used to assess patients in any number of non-acute healthcare settings such as nursing homes, assisted living communities, and hospice organizations, as well as patients enrolled in home healthcare.

Rothman Index at the center of the Continuum of Care: Rehab Care, Adult Daycare, Home Health, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Dementia Care, Skilled Care

The Rothman Index enables organizations to deliver a higher quality of care without having to invest heavily in additional staff, resources, and training. By helping providers detect subtle health declines in patients faster and more easily, the odds of potentially life-threatening medical errors, particularly during hand-offs and shift changes, are reduced.

It can also help avoid unnecessary and costly hospital readmissions, and help healthcare facility staff make smarter decisions regarding patient transfers and discharges.

The following are just a few of the benefits your organization can achieve with Alive Sciences: